Social Saturday 2015 Campaign Pack

Social Saturday 2015, the national day to celebrate and buy from social enterprises, will be on October 10th and we want it to be even bigger and better than it was before. September 2014 saw the UK’s first ever Social Saturday. It was a great success with social enterprises putting on events up and down the country, widespread coverage across local and national press and a social media campaign which was supported by Jamie Oliver and the Prime Minister.

This year we will expand both the scope and geographic range of events by both utilising SEUK’s Places Programme and supporting SEUK member led events across the UK.

Social Saturday is about putting social enterprises on the map and getting more and more people, businesses and public bodies talking about and buying from social enterprises. Wherever you live, chances are that there is a social enterprise in your community which is changing lives and changing the terms on how business is done. Social Saturday will shine a spotlight on them.

We want our buy social message to reach as wide an audience as possible and to do this we’re going to need your help.

Social Investment and Social Savings

As well as pushing our ‘buy social message’ – urging consumers to use their spending power to create positive social and environmental impacts – Social Saturday is also about looking at the wider context in which social enterprises operate. Not only can you buy social but there are social options for your savings and investments too.

There are increasing ways in which members of the public can put their money into businesses whose mission they support, leading to social and financial benefits. There is an increasing range of options, both for those looking to save for a rainy day and for those wanting to take higher risks. For example, if you’re looking to use your money for good while protecting your capital, you can put your money into a social bank or building society that will then invest in organisations that have a social impact. The UK is also a leader when it comes to social investment which is helping social enterprises get the finance they need to set up and grow.

This is where you come in

This year’s Social Saturday will showcase the amazing work SEUK members do and we want it to be both member focused and member led. We’ve put together this campaign pack to help you plan an event on Social Saturday and get your local media and politicians excited about it too.

We’d love to know what you are doing for Social Saturday. If you let us know your plans we can feature you on the Social Saturday website and promote your event through social media. Contact SEUK’s Marketing Officer Fiona Young with details of your event at

The Campaign Pack

The Pack contains the following:

Ideas – struggling to think of what your social enterprise can do for Social Saturday? Maybe some of these ideas will help you out.

Template Letter to Editor – If you’re holding an event or doing something special for Social Saturday, why not let your local press know?

Template Press Release - Putting on a great event on Social Saturday? This template press release can be sent to the local paper after your event

Template Press Release (to send out before Social Saturday) - Want to let people know about your event. This template can be used to raise awareness about it beforehand.

Invitation to your MP/Councillor – Invite your local MP or councillor to your event! Social enterprises are changing the way business is done, the more MPs who know about social enterprise the more support we can build for the sector in Parliament.

Template Press Release for an MP visit – If you managed to invite your MP or councillor to your event, you can use this template press release.

Letter to MP – If you’re not putting on an event you can still let your local MP know about Social Saturday and, if you work for a social enterprise, how your organisation uses business to tackle social or environmental issues.

Social Media Pack – Confused by the hashtags? This short social media guide will help you out.

Suggested Tweets – Some sample tweets which you could use to get Social Saturday trending on Twitter.

Social Enterprise Fact Sheet – The headline stats from our State of Social Enterprise Survey 2015

Social Saturday Logo and Poster

You can download the Social Saturday Logo here

Social Saturday Poster - no crops

Social Saturday Poster - with crops

Promoting Your Event

Once you’ve decided on your event, let us know about it so we can mention it on the Social Saturday website. Email Fiona Young, SEUK’s Marketing Officer with details of what you’re planning –

We’ll need the following information:

  • The event title
  • Event date and time
  • Two lines on what the event’s all about
  • The event address, including postcode
  • A 200 word paragraph about the event with a hyperlink to a page on your website which goes into more detail about what you’ve got planned.

Add all the details to your webpage so that people know what, when and where your event is.  Be sure to also let everyone know why you are holding it and the importance of the message behind Buy Social.

Remember to let the press and your local MP know about your event, this will raise the profile of the day further and get some great coverage for your organisation. You could also invite your local councillor. You can use the rest of the resources in this pack to help you out.

Other ways of promoting your event are to set it up as a Facebook event, tweet about it, create an email signature, put together a poster using the Social Saturday logos and invite all of your customers or contacts to come along and support you.