What are we about?

We're campaigning to create a more social economy in the UK.

We represent a growing movement of ordinary people and communities around the country:

  • one in four people volunteer regularly
  • one in four belong to a co-operative.
  • one in four start-ups are motivated by a social and environmental purpose

We have a positive vision for Britain’s future. A social economy empowers people to solve the problems we face and creates opportunity. Social enterprises and co-operatives are outperforming just-for-profit businesses; alternative banks are thriving; and a growing proportion of start-ups are socially-driven. The UK social investment market is attracting global attention.

We can put power back in the hands of people through  business models which embody equality, transparency, democracy and sustainability. Models which, as Theresa May has described, enable people to take greater control over our lives.

We want to build upon:

  • social entrepreneurs creating jobs, increasing social mobility and tackling inequality.
  • co-operative and community-led housing, energy, utilities, fuel, food and transport which reduce the cost of living, foster consumer power and market access.
  • local, democratic and participatory public services, which align interests between taxpayers, public servants and public service users.
  • innovations in socially responsible finance, from social investment to crowdfunding, which provide alternatives to our fragile financial system.

We are building a more people-powered, sustainable, productive and responsible economy. The future is in our hands.