Impact Management Programme

The Impact Management Programme aims to build the capacity of charities and social enterprises to manage their impact, with a view to helping them access social investment and/or build their commissioned income.

The exciting new programme will combine training, grant-funding, peer support, expert advice and an online platform. It will be co-designed by social organisations to ensure it is user-friendly and reflects the sector’s needs.

What is impact management?

Impact management refers to an organisation’s ability to quantify, report on, increase and ‘get paid for’ their impact. It means integrating impact reporting into strategy and performance management and regularly analysing and responding to impact data—using it to change and improve programmes and services.

How can I get involved?

How can I sign up?

Visit or email to express your interest in being involved.

What is the eligibility criteria for getting involved?

Programme participants must be charities, social enterprises or community businesses already established and working in England and considering social investment and/or contracts.

  • For the Pathway strand, organisations should have progressed beyond the earliest start-up stages of development and be interested in improving their impact management processes.
  • For the Growth strand, organisations should be committed to raising social investment and/or bidding for contracts and be able to demonstrate how impact management support will make a difference to their ability to secure these investments or contracts.

What if I’m a provider?

If you would like to provide impact management support to social sector organisations as part of this programme then we want to hear from you too. Please email to express your interest in taking part in the approved provider process and we will let you know further details in due course.

What support is available to help organisations get involved?

For the Pathway strand, which is likely to involve smaller organisations, bursaries are available to cover some of the costs of being involved in the co-design process. There will be flexible options for levels of involvement and we will hold sessions around the country to ensure as many organisations as possible can attend.

Who is running the programme?

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is leading the programme, working with a consortium of social sector organisations: Impetus-PEF, NCVO Charities Evaluation Service, Social Enterprise UK, Social Investment Business, Social Value UK and the Young Foundation, plus design agency Hactar.

How is the programme funded?

Access – the Foundation for Social Investment has funded the programme as part of their capacity building work to support charities and social enterprises to be better able to take on a loan. Power to Change, an independent charitable trust focused on community business, has co-funded the Pathway strand.

How can I keep up to date with the programme?

Follow us on Twitter @Access_Impact and check out the hashtag #ImpactManagement. If you have any questions please get in touch with Ria Bowler, the Programme Manager at NPC, via