Delivering Social Value in Health


Social Enterprise UK's Health and Social Value programme is specifically designed to support local areas to deliver and commission for social value in health and care.

This programme is delivered in partnership with the Institute of Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) and is funded by the Department of Health.



Over three years we have supported twelve areas to embed social value in health and care procurement. Our final report published in September 2016 showcases the difference social value can make in health and social care commissioning.  


  • To support clinical commissioning groups (CCG) and health and wellbeing boards (HWB) to commission for social value
  • To improve VCSE organisations' understanding of their own impact in terms of social value, and how they articulate it, as well as increasing their knowledge of the commissioning process.

In each area the programme brings together senior leaders from across the CCG, local authority and VCSE, and they receive a tailored 12 month programme of facilitated learning and support to deliver social value in health and care commissioning for their community. 


  • Presentation on the difference Social Value is making in our Health and Social Value Programme areas.
  • Read the update from the national event with all all 12 areas which took place in February 2016 here.


Year Three Cohort: 

Year Two Cohort: 

Year One Cohort:


Read the update from the national session held in May 2014 here.

Read the February 2014 update here

Mark Swift, CEO of Wellbeing Enterprises CIC has written about Halton's work here

And read what Melissa Surgey, currently working for Salford CCG has to say about their approach to social value here.   

Presentations from expert led sessions 2013:

Mark Cook from Anthony Collins Solicitors presented on the legal aspects of implementing social value. View his presentation here.

Ian Bancroft, Head of Social Growth, Knowsley Metropolitan Council on how Knowsley is implementing the social value act. View his presentation here.  

Anne Lythgoe (Salford City Council) and Chris Dabbs (Unlimited Potential) on developing a social value charter for Salford. View their presentation here.

Mark Swift (Wellbeing Enterprises) on developing social value principles for Halton. See his diagram here.

Lynne Friedli (International expert in Mental Health) Towards a social value charter for Halton. See her presentation here. 


The Health and Social Care Bill represents the biggest change in health care delivery since the inauguration of the NHS. There are major changes both nationally and locally to how services will be delivered and commissioned. One central alteration is the transference of commissioning to clinicians at a more local level. 

The VCSE sector has a significant role to play in the delivery of health and social care, in assessing need, reaching out to vulnerable sectors of the community, as well as delivering services. Just over a quarter of voluntary sector organisations and a third of all social enterprises are involved in the provision of adult health and/or social care. This accounts for more than £4 billion worth of public sector funding.

Yet there are fears from the VCSE sector that much of the progress that has been made in the last ten years when it comes to their role in delivering health will be overlooked in the restructures; that trusted relationships and progress made in building understanding of the breadth of services that contribute to improving health and well-being will be lost.

Our programmes aim to ensure that this is not the case, and seek to work with the changing environment and the new evolving structures to make certain that the value and role of the VCSE sector is fully understood and able to fully participate in the health and social care economy.

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