Social Enterprise UK welcomes Mission-led Business Review recommendations, but ‘jury’s out on whether will result in real change’


Our response to the publication of ‘On a Mission in the UK Economy’ – the report from the advisory panel to the Mission-led Business Review.

Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive Social Enterprise UK said: 

“It’s a well-written and thoughtful piece of work. Tasked with a challenging brief, the review team has consulted widely and, importantly, listened to existing mission-led businesses and their representatives. Perhaps defying initial expectations, the report’s recommendations seek to build on the strong foundations that already exist rather than seek eye-catching but unproven solutions.

“Whilst we welcome all businesses that genuinely commit to creating a positive social impact, we reiterate our belief that social enterprises, with their emphasis on ownership and reinvestment, provide the strongest route to tackling inequality and creating a fairer world. However, we acknowledge that the issues of inequality, social division and alienation from the mainstream economic system - brought sharply to the surface in the last few months, requires an effort across sectors. All businesses have a role to play in building an inclusive economy and we welcome those that are taking the steps to report on, measure and address their social impact.

“The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has promised to build an economy that works for everyone. But the jury’s still out as to whether the Government is prepared to carry through with the measures needed to make a real difference.”


‘On a Mission in the UK Economy’ can be found here.

A response from Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson MP can be read here.