Connection Crew’s new premises marks its commitment to supporting people out of homelessness


Connection Crew is moving its London base to Brixton, consolidating its operations to accommodate commercial growth and an expanding social agenda.


The crewing company that has won industry awards for its professionalism is also a social enterprise. It works with people who’ve had a history of homelessness, providing them with training and job opportunities. Until recently, Connection Crew’s operation had been split, with separate office and warehouse spaces in different parts of South London. The investment marks a new era for the crewing company which celebrated its 10th birthday last year.

Director, Charlie Dorman is excited to announce the move:

“As we enter our second decade in business we need a space that’s fit for purpose for the next ten years – our new home is. While much of our work is remote, having a solid base is beneficial for everyone we work with; funnily enough, it comes down to better logistics. With room to grow our office team, for a dedicated training centre with storage in one space, we can continue to provide award winning services to the event industry as we grow. And the more we grow, the more people we can support out of homelessness.”