Fit for the Future


Fit for the Future is Social Enterprise UK’s annual health conference for social enterprises, charities, housing associations, local authorities, CCGs, health and wellbeing boards, and those within the NHS.



Fit for the Future 2017

This event, developed in partnership with Bates Wells & Braithwaite - is an opportunity to get to grips with key policy and implementation agendas as well as a chance to think about your own organisation's resilience in an increasingly tough environment. Held on March 9th at the Priory Rooms in Birmingham.

Confirmed speakers include:  

  • Anita Charlesworth, Director of Research and Economics, The Health Foundation 
  • Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, former Secretary of State for Health, current Chair of Birmingham and Solihull STP board
  • Alberto De Rosa, CEO, Ribera Salud to speak about the Alzira Model a Spanish approach to Accountable Care Organisation
  • Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, Chief Executive Turning Point, Chair of SEUK, Non-executive Director NHS England

As pressure on the health and care system mounts – budgets don't match demand and although transformational change is happening, the reality is patchy and complex. This conference will seek to interpret the developing new systems and models as well as explore the role social enterprises can play in leading and influencing the proposed new local systems  to deliver the best and more appropriate care for their residents. 

Workshops at the conference will include:

  • Building Resilience: partnerships & diversification 
  • New Models of Care: MCP, devolution & ACOs
  • Social value and healthcare: launch of new research & advice on demonstrating social value
  • Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs): where are we now? & How to get involved 




9.30am Registration: tea & coffee & networking

10am Opening plenary:

Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, Chief Executive of Turning Point, Chair of SEUK, Non-executive Director NHS England

Anita Charlesworth, Director of Research and Economics, The Health Foundation

Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, former Secretary of State for Health, current Chair of Birmingham and Solihull STP board


10.50 am -11.50 WORKSHOPS

1.) New care models, new approaches

This workshop will explore some of the new models of care that are being developed across the country, like Multi-speciality Community Providers and how providers are responding to these new models and developing approaches of their own.

Speakers: Paul Maubach, CEO, Dudley CCG; Lucy Marks, CEO, Compass Wellbeing CIC; Neil Woodbridge, CEO Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions CIC

Chair: Abbie Rumbold, Partner, BWB 

2.) Building resilience

In an environment where budgets are being cut dramatically, this workshop will look at alternatives to winning contracts with commissioners. Exploring the pros and cons of social finance and other ways to build the sustainability of your organisation to weather these challenging economic times. 

Speakers: Dr Guy Turnbull, MD, CASA, Ed Siegel, Managing Director, Big Issue Invest, Alina Sellman, Head of Centre for Social Impact Bonds, Department for Culture, Media and Sports, Tracey Bush, CEO, Spiral Healthcare CIC   

3.) How do we get more take up of social value principles in healthcare?

SEUK and National Voices have recently undertaken research looking at how CCGs have used the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, this workshop will explore some of the findings and hear from best practice examples as to how social value is being used in practice by CCGs and local authorities. 

Speakers: Don Redding, Director of Policy, National Voices, Anne Lythgoe, Salford City Council, Alan Turrell, Commissioning and Procurement Solutions 

11.50am-12.15pm Plenary

THRIVE WEST MIDLANDS (Mental Health Commission) 

Norman Lamb MP & Steven Gilbert, Serious Mental Illness - Living Experience Consultant

12.15pm-1.15pm LUNCH

1.15pm-2.00pm Seminar Accountable Care Organisation: Lessons from Spain the Alzira Model 

Alberto will talk his model of vertical integration named after the Spanish town in the Region of Valencia where it was first piloted more than twelve years ago before being extended to other parts of Spain, including the Region of Madrid.

Under this model, a provider receives a fixed annual sum per local inhabitant (capitation) from the regional government for the duration of the contract, and in return, it must offer free, universal access to a range of primary, acute and specialist health services to the local population. Its success relies on a highly integrated clinical and business model, stretching between and across primary and secondary care. 

Alberto De Rosa, CEO, Ribera Salud 

2.00pm-3.00pm WORKSHOPS

1.) STPs: how to engage & where are we now?

The NHS and local councils have come together in 44 areas covering all of England to develop proposals and make improvements to health and care. These proposals, called sustainability and transformation plans (STPs), are place-based and built around the needs of the local population. Find out the latest on STPs, what happens next and how you can get involved with your local STP? 

Speakers: Charlotte Pace, IVAR, Professor Stephen Waite, Chief Executive, Livewell SW

2.) Social enterprise in primary care

The NHS is finding it difficult to recruit and retain sufficient GPs who want to do full-time, patient-facing work, with increasing pressures on budgets and opening hours, can social enterprise models deliver solutions to these challenges in primary care?

Speaker: Jayne Hiley, Director of Nursing, ACE CIC  

3.) Digital Innovations

Digital approaches are touted by many as cost saving solutions to tricky problems, but some can be as complex and intractable as the problems they are trying to solve, to find the right systems and approaches to digital in health hear from NHS England digital expert on open source software use in healthcare and how a social enterprise is tackling sexual health with a digital solution. 

Speakers: Peter Coates, Head of Eco-System Development, NHS Digital; Dr Gillian Holdsworth, Director, SH:24 

3.00-4.00pm Closing Plenary

Commisioning: the way forward

An update on the landscape of commissioning, what's new for providers to be aware of in the changing landscape of STPs and new care models. 

David Hunter, Bates Wells Braithwaite

An Ethiopian Perspective: Tebita Ambulance

Ethiopia's first social enterprise ambulance service. Tebita Ambulance provides emergency pre-hospital medical services and offers first aid training for non-health professionals and advanced emergency training for health professionals. 

Kibret Abebe Tuffa, Founder and Owner Tebita Ambulance


In partnership with Bates Wells Braithwaite