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  • Extensive knowledge of the social enterprise landscape.
  • Responsible for the largest survey specifically focused on social enterprises in the UK. Read the 2015 State of Social Enterprise report.
  • Working with and for different audiences from social enterprises to government.
  • Adept at producing clear and accessible materials from highly complex data and analysis Read all our public research materials here.
  • Produce practical and grounded recommendations.
  • Strong local and regional reach.
  • Unrivalled reach and knowledge to sector needs.
  • Diverse range of research: from primary field work and mapping exercises to rapid research reviews and evaluations.



  • Mapping landscapes and sector specific issues
  • Social franchising / replication
  • Social value / procurement / commissioning / supply chain advisory services
  • Social impact measurement (general)
  • Spin-outs
  • Policy development and analysis


  • Evaluating social enterprise engagement strategy
  • Impact of procurement / supply chain policies and initiatives
  • Social impact measurement (general)
  • Understanding and developing impactful CSR  


  • Evaluating social enterprise engagement
  • Social value / commissioning / supply chain policies and initiatives
  • Social impact measurement (general)


  • Social Value Act implementation: how to commission, procure and buy for social value
  • Localism Act implementation: supporting the Right to run, Right to provide and public sector spin-outs
  • Local economic strategy: how to stimulate and support social enterprise in your local area
  • Social innovation funds, challenges and competitions: design, launch and delivery support
  • Internal communications and change management to support social enterprise and innovation


Social Enterprise UK was commissioned to undertake a scoping research project on behalf of the British Council.

Morocco is in the early stages of developing its social enterprise infrastructure and activity, particularly as regards raising awareness with key influencers and policymakers, and profile raising with the general public. However, there is a dearth of research on social enterprise within the Moroccan context. The aim of the research was to scope the early stages of social enterprise development and its landscape in Morocco; this is one of the first attempts ever taken to do this.


  • Scoping study - Undertook a week long scoping visit in Morocco to gain an oversight of what the landscape currently looks like for social enterprise and to explore how it may develop in the future. This research involved one-to-one interviews with different stakeholders from government ministers and finance providers to social entrepreneurs and support bodies. A roundtable was also held to allow for debate and discussion between various stakeholders.
  • Field research and training – SEUK designed a semi-structured questionnaire to research the views of social enterprises on the ground; this field research provided some much needed base line data for future research efforts to work from. A training workshop was devised and delivered to a group of local researchers from Moroccan CISE who would conduct the research.


A report was produced in English, French and Arabic, ready to be launched at a conference in Casablanca on social enterprise. This report highlighted what exists; where consensus and debates lie; what challenges are present; and practical ‘next steps’ to support the social enterprise agenda. We wrote and managed the design of the report as well as advising on how the report findings could best be presented at the conference. Read the full report, Lighting the way.

‘Lighting the Way is the first report of its kind in Morocco. It has illuminated the social enterprise sector and will provide a guide for enablers from government, civil society and the private sector to help plan successful interventions. The British Council will use this report as a focal point around which we can gather practitioners and decision-makers to coordinate the development of a healthy and vibrant social enterprise sector in Morocco.’

Roland Singer-Kingsmith, Project Manager, British Council Morocco

'Shedding light onto the future, this report is more than a simple piece of research, it is a milestone for the development of the social enterprise sector in Morocco and will undoubtfully help make the contribution of the sector valuable to the whole country. With the British Council we are committing to turn its recommendations alive and make the relevant stake holders act and react to its fiding. All our thanks to SEUK for their brilliant work and support to make this happen.'

Adnane Addioui, Chair, Mrococan Centre for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship


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