Think Global Trade Social


This report looks at how the UN's future development goals must embrace the potential of business to deliver sustainable development.

Social Enterprise UK and the British Council, with the support of the World Bank, have written a report which makes the case that the Sustainable Development Goals must embrace the potential of business to deliver meaningful sustainable development. The Think Global, Trade Social Report includes a foreword by Nobel Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus.

The report argues that:

• The UN’s draft Sustainable Development Goals fail to adequately reflect the critical role that business and social enterprise can play in tackling inequality and delivering sustainable, inclusive developmen

• While GDP is worth $75 trillion, development aid is worth just a fraction of this at $134 billion, less even than developing world debt repayments or remittances sent from overseas. Global trade, investment and business activity are our most powerful drivers of economic transformation and social change.

• We need market- led solutions which focus on the poorest people on the planet work to improve our environment, shape and shift markets for the better, share the benefits of growth more equitably and embody greater business transparency and accountability. This means social enterprise – businesses which trade for a social or environmental purpose.

• The report presents evidence on how politicians, policymakers and institutions are seeing the potential in social enterprise.

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